Sculpt – A Fashion Film

I made this dark and weird little film for the Berlin based fashion label „The Garden“.

Concept & Art Direction by Viviane Hausstein
Directed by Janina Mohr
Filmed by Kai Jakob & Janina Mohr

Postproduction Producer: Tom Kaufhold
Motion Graphics & Editing: Julian Braun
Hair & Make up: Emily Green
Sound Design: Valentin Kuhlmann
Light: Johannes Naber

Motion Graphics

Typo Dynamics

Playing around with dynamics in Cinema 4D. Animations to come…


Eternal Youth Flyer

Graphic Design

How vinyl records are made

Infographics visualizing the process of vinyl records manufacturing.

FH Potsdam, Illustration, Infographics

Title Sequence Remix – “The Social Network“

I did an alternate, unofficial version of the title sequence for David Fincher’s movie „The Social Network“.

Music: Hauschka „Early In The Park“

FH Potsdam, Motion Graphics

Animated Infographics – 4,95 Euro

How does the fashion company H&M manufacture it’s low priced T-Shirts? The facts were gathered from an article by Wolfgang Uchatius published in the german weekly newspaper „Die Zeit“ in December 2010.

Motion Graphics & Illustration: Julian Braun
Voice-Over: Dominik Wirth
Sounddesign: Leo Brunsteiner
Music: Gold Panda „Same Dream China“

FH Potsdam, Illustration, Motion Graphics

Material Boy

Some portraits of my favorite personal belongings. I also made a little book with the photos above plus some others. Pictures to come…

FH Potsdam, Photography